Anna Price is a Sydney-based Interior Designer turned artist. Growing up in Sydney as the youngest of five, she was constantly drawing and illustrating in a busy, creative household. However, paint was never a medium of interest.

In 2019 as a mother of four, Price did her first painting. This painting was born from a desire for reprieve from her screen-based work, and to obtain affordable artwork for her new home.

Her first painting ended up being donated to the local kindy fundraiser and much to her surprise it sold for $800 at a live auction. She then began doing commission pieces for friends of friends while documenting her process on instagram.

Once the pandemic hit, her design business was heavily impacted so she took the opportunity to turn what was a side hobby into a multifaceted art business. Now on the other side, she has a public studio gallery from where she produces and releases original artworks each month, an online custom-print store with over 100 fine-art prints, and a burgeoning clothing label, AP.art The Label.

Price paints intuitively, unscripted and untrained. She draws on her creative intelligence to come up with multiple styles of busy abstract expressionist and geometric style artworks. Her paintings are predominately large scale and involve huge amounts of bold colour. Her inspiration comes from repetition, scale, her surrounding environments and children's literature.

Price works full time out of her studio / gallery on Frenchs Road in Willoughby where she creates and displays her original pieces and fine art prints.

To book a studio visit, please get in touch via the contacts page.